Wednesday, January 13, 2016 – In this globalized world, no state can live in diplomatic and economic isolation. Everyone should live together and make relations with each other. Asia is the largest continent of the world, here are four major powers: Russia, China, Pakistan and India. All these countries are nuclear powers, and play important role in world politics. The Soviet Union and Pakistan first established the diplomatic and bilateral relations on 1st May 1948. Six decades of Pakistan and Russia relations have observed various bumps and bruises but still both countries, out of odds, managed to develop a congeniality of relations after the dawn of 21st century and tumultuous events of 9/11. After over these years now both states have realized that the prism of distrust through which view of each other was murky, must be removed. Pakistan has always tried to maintain cordial relations with neighbours but they do opposite. Now Pakistan condemned the attack on Pathankot Airbase of India but Indian government and its media are showing irresponsible behaviour. Pakistan, on the other hand has offered all cooperation to investigate by all means provided India provides authentic clues to the incident. Just blame game will not suffice. India has always resorted to blame game as and when some initiatives are in sight for peace. Let’s see what comes out from India, despite full cooperation and sincerity from Pakistan. India must remember that Pakistan is not a loaf of bread which could be digested easily. Everyone knows, peaceful and strong Pakistan is in favour of world. Anyone who tries to destabilize Pakistan, will crash. India cannot live alone, survive alone, so it should realize that its safe future lies in a safe, secure and stabilized Pakistan.